I am not a strong haskell programmer, but I’ve been using Xmonad for several years now. It is by far the best window manager I have ever used. This setup has the panel from xfce, dmenu and denzen. This configuration uses grid select for many things but also has hot key selections and context sensitive help for sub-menu hotkeys. The context sensitive help is unique but also very helpful to remember all of the possible hotkeys and what they do. I wrote it completely in awk, It uses denzen to display the help.

  • workspaces with autoloading applications.
  • named scratchpads.
    • termite terminals
    • bc - calculator
    • ghci - for haskell development
    • htop
  • Hot key Search
    • man
    • hackage
    • wikipedia
    • wiktionary
    • reverso
    • arch linux packages and AUR.
    • many others.

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