I had just finished doing a small python project which did some data analysis using pandas and scipy. It was the first python I had written in a while and I realised I missed programming in lisp. But pandas and scipy are kind of fun. So what if I had a lisp that could use python libraries ? I searched around and found various toy lisps in python. Including a complete port of clojure which turned out to have poor performance. I also found Hylang which isn’t really a lisp IMHO. So I decided to write one that had scoping, namespaces, python interop, and which might be performant if I turned the the internals into Cython. I used ply for the grammar processor, mostly because I read somewhere that it was impossible to write a lisp with a BNR grammar. It seems to be working ok. But it’s not done yet. So maybe there will be a road block somewhere at which point I’ll swap out the grammar. This is still a toy. But scoping, namespaces and interop is working. It does have immutable data as well. No STM, that would be cool. It would be nice for this to handle concurrency and threads as easily as clojure and elixer. It still has the macro bits and destructuring into the environments to go. Its still a fun project. The REPL is basically a calculator.

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