Unfortunately much of the code I work on is private. Here are some interesting projects.

  • My emacs setup is a good example, it’s reasonably well documented, well organized and has a ton of features. It’s all written from scratch.
  • My xmonad-setup might be interesting if anyone knows Haskell.
  • wp-md is a wordpress sqldump to markdown converter written in shell, awk and sed.
  • Pylisp is the beginnings of a clojure like lisp written in python. It has scoping, namespaces, immutable data and the ability to import python libraries as well as a working REPL. But it’s not much more than a calculator.
  • Bike-gear-calc is a new clojure project. Still in progress. It just got refactored when I added spec. I’m not sure I’m happy with it, but I’m going to code something to use it and see how it goes.
  • Flickr-Fetcher is a new clojure project, which consists only of the ReadMe. It’s a design doc which should give a good idea into how I approach systems design. I haven’t decided if I want to implement it yet or not. It would be fun to see how it turns out, to see what works and what doesn’t and how.
  • The qmk-firmware is a nice example in C. This is the firmware for my keyboards. It’s a nice small example of how I write C code. Look for folders named ericgebhart in the source tree.
  • I have a few, older clojure projects. If you are interested in cascalog, there is Dfs-clj and it’s ancestors, pail-graph, pail-schema, pail-fressian, clj-pail-tap, etc. Dfs-clj brings all those separate projects into a more easily usable library.
  • datetime-data, clj-cli-ext and file-access are all small clojure libraries that I’ve used extensively in other projects. They all work so I haven’t touched them in a long time.
  • sudoku-validator, was something for fun, just to see how fast I could do it. It took an hour.
  • Scad-clj is a clojure wrapper for OpenSCAD. I was a significant contributor.



An endpoint to serve most recent images from flickr. A nice window into how I design.

Wordpress to Markdown

A tool to extract posts and pages from a wordpress sqldump and convert them to markdown.

Suduko Validator

A simple program which takes the 81 numbers of a suduko game and checks for a valid solution.


A lisp written in python with some features of clojure.





Clojure library to ease the use of DFS-Datastores and cascalog.



Meta data editor plugin for the Nightingale / Songbird music player.


Clojure library to enable access to files locally, on S3, on github, or through sftp.


Clojure library which wraps Joda time to create normalized date data.


Clojure library which extends clojure commandline processing.


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