Arch Linux; creating an automated configuration and personal setup.

A repository configuration to enable automated installation and setup of a personal Arch Linux box.

It always starts with something simple. I wanted to start over with a fresh installation of Arch Linux on my old Wacom Mobile Studio pro. It had been working mostly fine with a few glitches that were probably due to the age of the current install and it’s lack of being used.

Converting from wordpress to markdown

A tool to recover pages and posts from a wordpress SQLdump into markdown

I recently abandoned wordpress for github pages and jekyll. Wordress is such an unweildy beast and can be so much work to maintain. Serving a static website using markdown is so much nicer.

Using Pail with a Graph Schema.

Using Graph Schema with Pail and Cascalog.

In a previous post I wrote about using Thrift, Pail and Cascalog. In this post I’ll expand on that, or rather simplify that example with an extension library, Pail-Graph. More specifically this is about using Pail with a Graph Schema, which is a little bit more specialized than just using thrift and Pail. The use of Graph Schema and the likeness of the example Graph Schema comes from Nathan Marz’ Book on Big Data. Like everything else I’ve done lately this is all based on David Cuddeback’s clj-pail, clj-thrift, pail-thrift and pail-cascalog libraries. Pail-graph wraps and extends each of the libraries. The Pail-Graph library mostly simplifies using a graph-schema with pail and Cascalog. Pail-Graph is available on Clojars. All of the code in this post is available in the pail-graph example in the library on github. Just like the last time, clone my repository fire up a REPL and follow along!


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