This is the personal web page of Eric Gebhart. Systems Developer / Architect, teacher of Argentine tango, 3D design and printing, sculpture, cyclist, unicyclist, language learner and student of the world.

Systems Developer.

“Too many years of experience in Unix, C, Databases, Python, Clojure, and what not.”.

Freelance Digital Nomad: The last few years Eric has been spending half his time in france/Europe, and half in the United States. Eric is available as a consultant on site or remote.

skills: Eric is a power user of Unix, and has written programming languages, publishing systems, Data analysis / data science, and Manufacturing work flows and has worked in many domains. His designs are compromised of reusable and composable components which facilitate adaptability and growth. He runs Arch Linux on all of his computers, uses Emacs in Evil-mode as his editor and XMonad, written in Haskell, as his window manager.

Clojure is the language that Eric has preferred in the last several years, but he has also worked with Python and C and Object oriented derivatives of C. Some other language experience includes Scheme, rackett, haskell, common lisp, elisp, and lua He has been primarily a backend developer for the last 20 years, In the 20 years before that he did full stack development including GUI frameworks and more recently has experience in clojurescript, javascript and the client server architecture.

NoSQL or SQL, Eric is at home with both. He has been using Cascalog with hadoop most extensively along with some Datomic in the last few4 years, but has both used and written ORM’s in Clojure, C and Python.

Embedded applications in C such as qmk-firmware for the computer keyboards he builds, or the Rep-Rap firmware for the core-xy 3D printer he built, are two examples of smaller projects that he continues to work on.

Argentine Tango

Eric has been dancing Argentine tango for many years and began teaching in 2010 when he began to recognize he had a unique perspective that could benefit other dancers. He developed his Tango Vinyasa, TangoBreath, with his future ex-wife in 2012. Eric is available for private lessons and classes where ever he goes. His Argentine Tango website Has many articles on tango technique and learning which have been popular learning and teaching material all over the world.


Eric taught himself to unicycle in 1973 at the age of 11. He built his first unicycle, a giraffe, from old bicycle parts when he was 13. He taught himself to weld, and has made several unicycles since. He also designed and built his own unicycle seats in fiberglass and steel back in the days when unicycle seats were still a thing of horror.


It has taken many years for Eric to accept that be might be an artist with all of his creative apptitudes. Building things in 3D has always come easily. In the last few years he has been making mobiles and stabiles which have been well recieved. His first series made in 2009-2010, were heavily influenced by the art of the Bauhaus. Recently he has adopted another style which is lighter, and can be made almost anywhere with almost no resources. Unfortunately they are very difficult to photograph, stay tuned for additions to the portfolio on this site. It has been years now, I still don´t know how to photograph them.

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